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Gelato Junction

By Megan Lawrence - Food Editor

A select few gelato places that I recommend if you plan on staying in Balduina for the night or will be close to the Trevi Fountain!

Gelateria il Pellicano di Sartor Luca $

ADDRESS: Via Ugo de Carolis, 26, 00136 Roma RM

HOW TO GET THERE: 990 Balduina Massimi stop to 990 De Carolis/Nicolai F. stop

This gelato shop is a small hole-in-the-wall shop that offers cheap local gelato and has some cakes available in the shop. All the gelato flavors are basic, and you know what you’ll be getting when you go to this shop, from traditional vanilla, hazelnut, and a small variety of fruit flavors as well. This shop is about a 12-minute bus ride, or a longer 25-minute walk if you want to burn off some calories. I visited this gelato shop my first night in Rome, and it gave me a great taste for what was to come the rest of the semester. If you are looking for something simple, delicious, and fairly local, I recommend this stop.

Various flavors of gelato from Il Pellicano including pistachio, raspberry, and vanilla

Neve Di Latte $$

ADDRESS: Via Federico Cesi, 1, 00193 Roma RM

HOW TO GET THERE: 990 Balduina Massimi stop to 990 Cicerone/Cavour, then a 2-minute walk up Via Federico Cesi

Neve di latte is a larger gelato shop that offers vegan and gluten free options on their menu. There is a diverse variety of flavors from cinnamon milk, pear, or peanuts! They also have delicious drinks like warm creamy hot chocolate or delicious crepes. If you are craving random and specialty flavors I highly recommend this shop, and although it is a little further than Pellicano, you still can reach this shop before crossing the Tiber River. From my own preference, this shop is my favorite on the list, and offers a happy medium of not being too pricey and offering high quality options.

Neve di Latte - Pear, lemon, and raspberry gelato with a hot chocolate

Venchi $$

ADDRESS: Via del Corso, 335, 00186 Roma RM

HOW TO GET THERE: 990 Balduina Massimi to 990 Monte Brianzo, then about a 10 minute walk

Venchi is a European chain that has a few shops stationed in Rome. This shop is a bit more upscale and specializes in decadent chocolate and gelato. Although the shop is more on the pricey side, it is definitely worth visiting at least once, and offers great gifts for the upcoming holidays. I highly recommend getting the toppings on your gelato, they have chocolate fountains to dip your cone in and several toppings such as nuts and crystalized caramels. My preferred choice is the warm chocolate coating dipped in the dried raspberries.

Venchi - Hazelnut, chocolate hazelnut, and vanilla gelato in a chocolate-raspberry dipped cone topped with a complementary chocolate coin

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