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A Wrapup on the Spring 2022 Calcio Season

Written by Jack Kane

If you haven’t already heard, the White team is your 2022 Spring Semester Calcio champions! From the beginning of the season, the team demonstrated strength, leadership, and a ton of enjoyment. It was an extraordinary season! Sophomore Victoria Kurisu stated, “The entire Calcio tournament had a great environment. When your own and other teams became competitive, it encouraged everyone to try their best and have fun together.” Despite there being a final champion, this season brought joy to every team.

The JFRC’s very own student life assistant Simone Marcolongo described the season warmly, saying, “It was very meaningful to me. It was a great organization; there was a lot of student involvement on and off the soccer field. I enjoyed it when the fans would cheer for their classmates, especially. Overall, the community was the best part. This group and tournament meant a lot to me. I felt I became even closer with the students. I really hope my students, who are about to become alumni of the JFRC, enjoyed every moment of playing Calcio.” For me, it is good to know that the future of Calcio lies in the hands of the great Simone!

Blue vs. Purple. Photo courtesy of Simone Marcolongo

Just hanging out. Photo courtesy of Simone Marcolongo.

Group photo. Photo courtesy of Simone Marcolongo.

Claire Harrison of the Red team said, “Calcio made the JFRC feel more like a community, and even though we were all on opposing teams, it allowed us to enjoy moments where we could all be with each other not only as classmates, but companions as well. Since playing, everyone [has] connected through shared moments.”

Calcio is something all of us will remember when we look back at our time at the JFRC. It proves that scores and stats don’t always matter; enjoying something as much as Calcio will always put a smile on your face.

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