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  • Sarah Murray

Adidas's Popularity Beyond the Sambas

There is no doubt that the Adidas Sambas have been extremely popular this year. It’s been almost impossible to go somewhere without seeing at least one person wearing a pair. Because of this, Adidas has been one of the most popular shoe brands this year, and I don’t see that changing.

Adidas is going to be increasingly popular for the next few years because of both the Sambas and a few other shoes that are going to become staples. These shoes are the Gazelle, the Campus, and the Spezial.



I won’t spend too much time on the Adidas Sambas since they’re already super popular, and I’m sure everyone has seen them at least once before.

The Sambas were originally meant to be an indoor soccer shoe, but became a popular street style shoe. The body of the shoe is made out of leather and features a suede toe overlay and a gum sole. The Sambas have special edition colorways, but the original Sambas come in just black and white. The Sambas are very comfortable and have a very simplistic design, so they go with pretty much anything.

I love the Sambas because of how simple yet stylish the design is. They make you look cool but also like you didn’t put in any extra effort, you just happen to be cool.



The next shoe is the Adidas Gazelle. The Gazelle, like the Samba, has three stripes on the sides, a heel that matches the color of the stripes, and a suede toe overlay, although the overlay is smaller on the Gazelles than the one on the Sambas.

The sole of the Gazelle is completely different. It’s still rubber, but a completely different kind, and it’s also a thicker heel. The body of the shoe is made up almost entirely of suede.

I like the Gazelles because they come in a lot of different, striking colorways that are always available, unlike the Sambas, which only offer different colorways for limited times. The Gazelles are a super versatile shoe that will go with a lot of outfits, but can also be a statement piece because of all of the colors they offer.

The color options make it easy to get a unique pair of shoes, but the design is still very simple, so you can still wear the shoes all of the time.



The Campus is basically just a chunkier version of the Gazelle. The body looks very similar to the Gazelles, but is made out of a smooth leather instead of suede and has contrast stitching. The sole is the same as the Gazelle but more of a platform.

The Campus is going to be the next popular chunky sneaker, and serves as a great alternative for people that like the style of Adidas shoes but don’t like how small the other sneakers I’ve mentioned are. These shoes will start gaining more popularity next year, but they are starting to gain some traction now.

I personally probably won’t be getting a pair of the Campus because I don’t like chunky sneakers. I think these are a really good pair if you are someone that likes chunkier shoes. They remind me of the new chunky vans. They’re both chunky versions of already existing shoes, which makes me think that might be where the direction of chunky sneakers is going.



The last shoe is the Adidas Spezial. The main reason for the Spezial’s popularity is because it looks so similar to the Sambas. The sole is very similar and the body looks almost identical except for the fact that it can come in both leather and suede.

The Spezials come in stunning colorways that are more unique than most Samba colorways. For this reason, the original colorways of the Spezials aren’t very popular.

These are probably my favorite styles of Adidas shoes on this list. I think they are so cute and the different colorways are eye-catching. The suede also offers a really interesting texture. I have personally been gatekeeping these shoes until I get a pair of them for Christmas, but I guess the gatekeeping ends now.

Adidas is going to be especially popular for the next few years, and a big part of that is because there is at least one pair of shoes that appeals to everyone. They have designs that are both simple and unique. All of their shoes are comfortable, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything to walk around in them. I’m definitely going to be wearing Adidas shoes for a while, and I think most people will be too.

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