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End of Semester Photo Gallery

Featuring students' favorite moments of the Spring 2022 semester. Thanks to all who shared their memories!

"Enjoyed a dinner by Piazza Navona before getting delicious gelato." Sarah Sommers, Julia Briggs, Evie Kluck, Anna Cate and Caroline Meis

Pluto and Persephone by Bernini at the Borghese Galleries. I took 2 completely on-site and 2 partíally on-site classes this semester and they have been the most incredible and enriching experiences of my life. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the history I am studying up close and in person. Submitted by Hannah Sween

"A snowy night in Vienna." Chris Gomez, Megan Lawrence, Annelise Richardson

"Carnival in Venice." Megan Lawrence & Shreeya Pattekar

"Carnival in Venice was incredible. There were so many extravagant costumes and culture there. I will never forget this unique experience." Emily Fess

Right: "Loch Ness." Dominic Cinfio, Gustavo Azevedo

Below: "The London photos are from my Spring Break trip to the UK. I took a day in London to do a walking tour of some of my old hangout locations and the club I used to go to is still in operation." Reggie Davenport

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