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INTO THE FUTURE: Fashion and Professionalism

Produced by Shreeya Pattekar


As we come to the end of our semester abroad and into the futures of our individual lives, we reach an integral point. As college students, we are in a sensitive and influential phase, our experiences and interactions with the world and its people are constantly shaping us into who we will become. There is a beauty to this stage of life, in which our minds are open and still filled with hope for a better future for our world. We have not yet been beaten down by the drudgery of life, not yet turned to blending in with the rest of the population. But as we grow and age, it is all too easy to fall into the category of people who mindlessly follow society.

To avoid this drudgery, we must find mediums through which we can express our uniqueness. One of the best mediums is fashion.

Fashion is not just a way of presenting yourself; it is a form of art, a way we think critically, an expression of individuality or even of protest. It does not have to be completely atypical, but it can be an expression of you.

Below are a few models that are wearing business casual clothing styled in ways that subtly stand out. By looking at these outfits and the individuality they express, I hope to inspire you to continue your self-expression through fashion as we enter into adulthood.



Yianna embodies classic chic without the monotony of neutral colors. Although this outfit looks quite simple, it is important not to undermine the importance of bright colors. Many tend to believe that neutral colors are more classy, but the bright, bold colors give off a much more welcoming vibe and automatically bring a glow to the wearer.


In this look. the black blazer professionalizes the outfit and incorporates complexity with the addition of a layer.


The layered gold necklaces add character to the look in a sophisticated way.


Make sure to wear sunglasses, not only to protect your eyes from UV rays but also to characterize your style. In this look, the model wears a pair of chunky yet elegant Prada sunglasses.



Every parent loves to boast to their children how edgy they were back in their prime. Instead of growing out of this style, our generation can wear clothing which manages to combine professionalism and uniqueness.


The time for solid color button-downs is over. In menswear, you can bring an air of elegance and flair by simply wearing a printed shirt. In this outfit, the flowered black and white top provides an exciting contrast to the black trousers.


This outfit is accessorized with silver jewelry, which stands out beautifully against the neutral color scheme. The multiple bracelets, necklace and ring do not cover the clothes but assists in completing the look.



Incorporating a statement piece into an outfit will make you stand out in a crowd, and automatically make you seem very fashionable. Statement pieces are a great way to show your individual style in a sophisticated way.


In this outfit we chose dark red tights to offset an otherwise all black look. By using the tights as the only statement piece in the outfit, the look was contained from going too overboard and becoming tacky.


The model is wearing delicately patterned earrings which dangle from her ears. These combined with the crystallized bug hanging from her neck are the perfect accessories to her eccentric tights.




Why is athleisure associated with dressing down? By combining athleisure with professional clothing you can manage to look sharp but effortless at the same time all while staying comfortable.


In this look we created a monochromatic lavender outfit with athletic trousers and a bodysuit. To polish it off, we added a black blazer and heels.


A bold lip color automatically upgrades any

look and gives the illusion of a full face of make-up.


We should continue to dress in our own styles, holding onto our individuality in a society which has its own image of us and its own rules for us to follow. Our time in this period of adolescence does not have to be the end of our self expression.

Growing into adulthood does not mean you must conform.


Models from the order of appearance: Yianna Schneckloth, Evan Baughman, Leah Swan, Jennifer Cheun.

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