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El Clasico

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Sports Editor

Screams of joy, laughter, anger, and distress filled the halls of the JFRC last Sunday. And no, it wasn’t from the overabundance of pasta, pizza, or gelato, but because of the greatest European match (according to every Spaniard at the JFRC); the “El Clasico.” The “El Clasico” is the clash between the two best futbol (soccer for us Americans) teams in all of Spain; Barcelona and Real Madrid. There has been a rivalry between the two wealthiest clubs in Spain since February of 1929. The teams have had political differences in the past, intensifying their futbol rivalry.

The grudge between the two clubs began during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Barcelona, which is the capital of the Northern region, linked sides with the Spanish Republic, a left-wing political organization that supported an elected government. Additionally, Barcelona was, and still can be, symbolized by the Catalan identity. On the other hand, Real Madrid sided with the Nationalist movement, which would unify Spain under right-wing ideals. The clubs’ beliefs symbolized opposing sides of the political field, and therefore, the rivalry was created.

The “El Clasico” takes place twice every year and is watched globally. This year Real Madrid, led by David Alaba and Lucas Vazquez, made it four consecutive victories over Barcelona. Alaba had struck first during the first half of play keeping Madrid up by 1 most of the game. However, in the second half, Barcelona’s Sergio Aguero scored his first goal for the club and tied the game up. But that didn’t stop Vazquez from scoring and leading Madrid to the win. The victory took place on Madrid’s home turf, allowing them to move on to 66 points in the Laliga standings, tying first with their neighbors- Atletico Madrid.

Left: Barcelona

Bottom: Real Madrid

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