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JFRC Spotify Playlist: Frank's Deep Tracks

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Welcome to Frank’s Deep Tracks! This section will provide a curated, handpicked selection of 10 songs ranging from classical to oldies to new wave. Just like a dish, any song is an acquired taste, providing color to your music palate. This list should not act as a playlist but rather a guide to further exploring your musical palate. By all means, feel free to stop me in the halls; I’ll gladly recommend more music for your liking…or you can see for yourself on my Spotify: @frankthetank



Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading met for the first time as students at the Liverpool Institute, not knowing that they would change the face of independent music forever. Bonding over their humorous and effervescent outlook on life, the pair began collaborating on music at Liverpool, holding small shows at various local bars together in the band “The Sundogs.” With instant success, Stephen and Audun would break off and form the band Her’s in 2015. After multiple viral youtube videos and the release of their first studio album, “Songs of Her’s,” the two began to tour with shows starting in Europe and eventually the US. Their success blossomed from the smoothly melodic and bedroom pop-like tones from popular singles such as “What Once Was” and “Marcel.” Thomas Smith, writing for New Musical Express, explained their sound as “never really fitting into one genre, but somehow nailing whatever they end up doing.” Spending much of 2016 and 2017 on world tour, Her’s continued to sell out shows and fill the hearts of fans.

One night in between a final stretch of shows in Arizona, Stephen and Audun were tragically killed along with manager Trevor Engelbrekston when their van collided with a drunk driver heading the opposite direction.

Her’s music lives on through their 20 melodic tracks, which posthumously continue to fill the rooms of listeners around the world. Looking back, Her’s hit single “What Once Was” comes to mind. It tells the simple yet timeless story of how constantly looking back at the past can significantly affect the future. Through impactful lyrics, Her’s puts their unfailing positive outlook on a challenging situation. I think that Stephen and Audun would be so glad to know that their music will forever provide the reminder that although there may be clouds today, it only means that tomorrow will be twice as bright.


1. What Once Was - Her’s

2. L’appuntamento - Ornella Vanoni

Best listened to…instead of studying the irregular verb conjugations for your Italian quiz on Friday.

3. I Think I Like When It Rains - WILLIS

4. Booster Seat - Spacey Jane

5. Best To You - Blood Orange

6. Milk - The 1975

7. Amore Che Nasce - Piero Piccioni

Best listened to…when on the 990 bus looking out the window, becoming the main character…and missing the stop for your onsite class downtown.

8. All Over Now - Washed Out

Best listened to…when realizing that by not eating at mensa today you’ve broken your 25-day pasta eating streak.

9. When Did Your Heart Go Missing? - Rooney

Best listened to…when begging Prof. Evers to decrease the required length of his final paper from 10 to 6 pages.

10. Wonderful World - Sam Cooke

Best listened to…after Prof. Evers decreases the required length of his final paper from 10 to 6 pages.

For more…search JFRC FRANK’S DEEP TRACKS on spotify!

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