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Wine Walks with Raven: Wines of November


As another month draws to a close, my list of wines continues to grow. This month has been a busy month for the world. November always seems to be an in-between holiday month when work ramps up and everyone gets too busy to take a second out of their day to sit down and catch up with friends.

This November, the wines I chose are quality wines to drink in good company.


A sparkling red wine from the Emilia-Romagna region, Lambrusco has been a highlight of my wine exploration in Italy. The notes of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry pair nicely with a big serving of pasta. The acidity is not too strong as it is on the sweeter side with selections available in dry, semi-sweet, and sweet (dulce).

I chose to pair Panzon Lambrusco with cacio pepe which made for an excellent dinner. The tiramisu also paired surprisingly well with the sweet wine and heightened the sweetness.

Passito di Pantelleria

Cake, cookies, and white wine? Yes, you read that right. Passito di Pantelleria is a Sicilian sweet dessert wine that is typically served with sweet dishes. The 15% ABV may come as a surprise to many, you barely feel the burn when paired with a cake or sweet.


There’s something so refreshing about a glass of Rosé. It has not been as popular in Italy until recent years, but the rosy-colored wine has made a name for itself. Produced all over Italy, Rosé can differ in taste, color and aroma depending on where you get it from.

The reason I include Rosé in the list is because of how well it pairs with light dishes such as fruit and salads. If you have never had a caesar salad with a glass of rosé you are missing out big time. It’s a great wine to drink on its own as well I have found. So grab your colleagues, a few glasses of Rosé and catch up on the gossip that you know you want to talk about.


The farthest northern region I have reviewed wine so far is Umbria, until now. Schiava is a ruby-colored red wine from the Alto Adige/Südtirol region of Northern Italy. Its subtle notes of strawberry and raspberry have a surprising zest of lemon added.

Fairly dry and acidic, the red wine is going to be best enjoyed with pork and other meats. It is not going to be the best wine to drink on its own, you are going to want to grab friends or family and have a sit-down meal with it. The 13.5% ABV is not a super noticeable factor with this wine.

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