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Local Guide Chris - 2nd Edition

By Christopher Gomez - "Local Guide Chris"

Hey! Local guide Chris here (yeah yeah, I know the intro is cliche, I’m working on it) and I’m back with more of the best spots in Rome. This edition we’ll explore a burger joint in Balduina, move to a sandwich shop by the Spanish Steps, then investigate what possibly are the best french fries in all of Rome. So, let's get into it!


First we have what I think is the best burger joint on the map. It hits all the check marks a good burger requires. It’s thick, cheap and covered in toppings. If this doesn’t remind you of home I don’t know what will. I’m talking about Maga's Burgers (or Mama's burgers depending on where you look). This place is located south of Balduina square right along the bus route. It offers everything from the modest hot dog to 300 gram belt buster burgers. Every time I leave that place I feel fat, sassy, and happy. On top of that, they currently have a special where certain items are 50% off though delivery apps. This means that you can get yourself a nice, juicy burger with a kilo of fries and free delivery all for under 9 euros. So if you're like me, writing papers at 11 p.m. on a night that the mensa didn’t quite do it for you, consider getting yourself a Mama's burger.

Our next stop is all the way over by the Trevi Fountain in an unassuming corner of Rome where the tourists tend not to roam. Honestly, I've seen closets bigger than this place, but oftentimes in the smallest boxes you find the greatest treasures. I’m talking about La Sandwicheria. I first stumbled into this place after finding the line at the Mcdonald's was too long and I am happy I did. I was fresh off the plane and didn’t know a lick of Italian. The guy working behind the counter (who runs the whole joint with his wife) looked me up and down and asked if I wanted the Roma special (I said yes) and handed me 6 inches of heavenly pork. This sandwich had three ingredients; Porchetta, Oil, and Cheese. And it was divine. The porchetta was so fresh I could practically still hear Charlotte talking to it. The buffalo mozzarella was beyond description and the oil was…. oily? All that plus a coke for 8 euros. Now keep in mind the “Roma Special” Is basically whatever this guy happens to have behind the counter when you walk in. There is a regular menu but if you're feeling adventurous go for the “special” and you will discover something new every time.

The third and final place I will cover this edition has (in my opinion) the best french fries in all of Rome. And if you have ever seen what I eat in mensa, you’ll know I know a thing or two about taters. This British pub was opened by a man who used to live in Scotland, and is the most authentic pub experience you will find in Rome. I am talking about The Albert. If you’re ever out with some friends looking for a good place to rest your legs or watch the game this is the place to be. And as I previously mentioned, the fries here are the best: crispy, salted to perfection, and served in a mountain so high Bear Grylls would be afraid to climb it. The authentic pub environment is completed with a pool table and lounge in the back. So come on down, sit back, grab a drink and some fries, and celebrate the age old British sport of sitting around in a pub.

Mamas Burgers

Viale delle Medaglie d'Oro, 170a, 00136 Roma RM

La Sandwicheria

Via del Nazareno, 16/17, 00187 Roma RM

The Albert

Via del Traforo, 132, 00187 Roma RM

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