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Wine Walks with Raven: How to Pair Snacks with Wine


As a big fan of snacking, I love accompanying my snack of choice with an occasional glass of wine. Choosing the right pairing, however, can be tricky.

Wines do not have to be so serious all the time. You can pair a wine with anything you think tastes good with it. Wine can be comfortable and casual for everyone – so why not pair it with a bag of chips?

Champagne + French Fries.

Two classics combine to make one brilliant pairing. Champagne is typically dry, so it needs a saltier, fattier pairing. Putting these two together makes a crisp, delicious afternoon delight.

Champagne can typically run on the more expensive side, this pairing does not have to be specific to just champagne. Most dry sparkling wines will suffice if you are trying to stay on a budget.

Prosecco + Goldfish.

Similar to champagne and french fries, prosecco and goldfish make a great snack pairing. Here it is important to note the difference between prosecco and champagne as I don’t want anyone’s snacking to be thrown off.

Prosecco is from a region in Italy and uses the Martinotti Method to create the popular sparkling drink. The process is slightly simpler than the Traditional Method used to make Champagne, which comes from the Champagne region in France.

A very dry or brut prosecco will pair well with the saltiness in the goldfish crackers.

Sparkling + Sushi.

Champagne and prosecco are expensive – at least the good stuff. There are plenty of sparkling wines out there that do not cost next month's rent. Luckily enough, I have found that sushi will pair well with any type of sparkling wine.

Fish generally goes well with dry wines anyway, so grab some friends, order takeout, and pop open a cheap bottle.

Pinot Grigio + Salt & Vinegar Chips.

Lovers of salt and vinegar chips may be skeptical of this – zest meets acidity. Don’t hate on it till you’ve experienced it, the sharp flavors balance each other to create a unique snack experience.

Another weird pairing for Pinot Grigio is tomato-flavored chips, which sounds like it would be strange to eat together. Once again, you have to try it before you hate on it. I recommend the San Carlo Piu Gusto Tomato Flavour, which happens to be my favorite chip I have ever tried.

Pinot Noir + Kit Kats.

Don’t let your Halloween candy go to waste. Chocolate and wine can be a delicious pairing – as long as you do it right. With hints of cherry and subtle cinnamon, Pinot Noir pairs best with milk and dark chocolate.

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