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Wine Walks with Raven: Wines of October

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After being in Italy for about two months, my taste in wine has gone through a sort of radical shift. Italy has been known for its wine for hundreds of years, so this should not come as a shock.

Yet, after trying the first few wines I was amazed to find that wine is not supposed to taste like cheap juice that I find on a liquor store shelf back in Chicago. I now understand why my aunt walks into family dinners holding expensive European wine that makes me question where she got it from.

Throughout October, I have come up with my favorite wines that I feel everyone must try at least once while they are in Rome. Or at least say that they almost got a glass but opted for something else.


One of the first wines I tried when I arrived in Rome was Grechetto. I have not stopped asking for it at restaurants since. This white wine is native to the central regions of Italy, particularly Umbria and Lazio. It is more of a floral wine that would be best paired with dinner, but not ‘girl dinner.’ I would not pair it with a vending machine snack and yogurt. This wine is dryer and will not be a good one to sip on without food, so ask for it the next time you are at a restaurant.

Appia Antica 400

The second white wine of October is from the winery Tenuta Di Fiorano. The winery has a rich history linked to Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi, who planted new grapes for the region and introduced new wines. It has a straw-yellow appearance with notes of citrus and exotic fruits. The acidity makes it a good pair for cheese and fish, but I paired it with potatoes, chicken, bread, and meatballs. This wine is less dry than Grechetto but is not on the sweeter side. 5 stars


The only non-Italian wine on this list is Merlot. From Bordeaux in south-west France, Merlot is a dark red colored wine that hints at flavors of cherry, plum, and vanilla. I have noticed when drinking it that the acidity is not too overpowering, and it is a wine I would have casually. During a meal, pair Merlot with pork or veal, and maybe a chocolate mousse to top it off. It is equally important to end the night with a sweet treat.

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

The last wine of October is Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, a red wine from south-east Tuscany. Out of all the wines on the list, this wine is the most acidic and I would not recommend it to anyone who is not a fan of a dry wine. In other words, this is not for lovers of Barefoot moscato. This is the type of wine you break out for a fancy date night dinner or special occasion. Have it with fatty meats or salty foods to get the full flavors of berries, plums, and cherries. 3 stars.

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